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Fendi cat eye sunglasses
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Nine West hat
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Floral crown
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Gel eyeliner
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Wish list Wednesday – July

Hey Huns, 

I have seen some gorgeous things online this month – but books have caught my eye so really think it’s time for a Wish list Wednesday post! With no more hesitation, here we go!



There are so many books that I have on my Wishlist at the moment. You can find them all on Amazon. Some of them can’t be purchased in Kindle edition but that isn’t the worst news that I have heard as I am a traditional kinda girl and it gives me a great feeling when I can physically see how much I have read.  A couple  of the books that I have on my list are:


I like reading books that are turned into films, but I have to read the book first as I find it fun to see if the way I imagined the story is the same way that the film producer shows it. I saw the trailer for Me And Earl And The Dying Girl last year on youtube and it looked kind of interesting. It is about a boy and his friend that are kind of forced into a friendship with a girl that has been diagnosed with cancer. After a while she gives in to the friendship when she finds out about a hobby that the boys have – Taking a film that they really like, and making some sort of parody to it. 


Prozac Nation is another book that was made into a film staring Chrisina Ricci that I have not seen. This is a memoir by someone called Elizabeth Wurtzel that is giving her real life accounts of suffering from depression and being on anti depressants. As some of my readers may know, I currently from depression and have a personality disorder. Books like this allow me to accept my illness, remind me that I am not the only one and that I am never on my own. The film Prozac Nation was made in 2003.



View my amazon wish list here


What books are on your wishlist?

Are there any books that you would like to suggest to me?






In light of the recent Brexit ( I won’t be going in to the politics as that is one thing that I don’t really understand) some thing that came to my attention was that for Brits, it will be more expensive for us to travel abroad… #heartbroken

In a mad rush to go on as many holidays as I can before prices rocket through the roof I went in search of some great deals and came across this great website called Volotea . If you click that sexy link you will find a revolution in European travel


Some examples of really great travel deals I have seen is one way from £9 to such places as spain.For that price I might book a few flights over the next week! We were thinking of going to somewhere in Portugal so if I can find a really good deal with hotels that would be great.

Do you think that you will have a look at the site?

Where have you always wanted to travel to within Europe?

Are there any oher sites you know with great deals like this?



Swoon, here comes my #MCM

Hey my lovelies,

I wanted to do an easy post today as I’m not in the greatest mental state at the moment. One of the easiest posts I see about is the #MCM. For those that don’t know what this is, mcm stands for Man Crush Monday – where you talk about a man who you admire or that makes you weak at the knees.

It would be really easy for me to say my husband but that’s also really cheesy and not that entertaining. So for my first #MCM I am going to choose

Trey Songz




Trey Songz is a really easy one for me and it’s not that difficult to see why just by looking at him but having a voice like an angel doesn’t hurt either. For me he really puts the M in MCM.


Trigga Trey is a musical artist from the good old U.S of A. He has been around for quite a few years now on the R’N’B now. I remember seeing and hearing him for the first time as a teenager on the track Gotta Make It which was released in 2004. Typing this now it’s just dawned on me that it  was 12 years ago and I thought I was older than that. But it shows how loyal I have been to this man ! Since then Trey has made songs with so many artists such as Nikki Minaj, Drake and Twista as well as producing some bangers by himself.

Ooooh I just wanna bite those lips

I really don’t think I can pick one song that I like more than any of the others. But one that really touched me was Yo’ Side of The Bed, where the video focuses on Trey and his lady, who is in the armed forces. Basically, She gets deployed and ends up getting killed on tour. It’s all really emotional – you need to see it.

yo side

This kind of brings me to the end of my post, my keyboard is nearly covered in drool Seeing all these gorgeous pics of hunkiness all across my screen. I will leave you with a a link up to my spotify where you can get an idea of some of the other things that I like to listen to.






My dream….

Eco-Wraps is a hand-made, green friendly sanitary product brand aimed at those who experience menses, postpartum issues or incontinence.

Eco-Wraps are a hand-made, reusable hygiene product brand.

Talking about such gory times as a woman’s menstrual cycle, Incontinence and Postpartum issues have been a long-standing taboo. This is why there are so many underlying issues that haven’t been addressed – yet it isn’t something that goes away just by not talking about them.  Something else that doesn’t go away is poverty. What I aim to do is provide green conscious, reusable sanitary pads – worldwide. As well as making these products accessible to those on low or no incomes, these pads will also be environmentally friendly as they can be reused time after time eliminating the waste that comes with the pads and tampons of today.

More Than One Use

Every year billions get spent on pads and tampons that end up in the sea and in landfills. This is a problem because many manufacturers use up to four plastic bags in the production of towels and tampon applicators and these are not biodegradeable, which means that they will never break down into the earth like paper, plants and certain man-made materials can. Looking at the statistics for the USA alone, can you imagine the amount produced by the whole world.? But sanitary products are one of the main staples in a woman’s life that we can’t live without (even before the eye liner to make your eyes pop and the mobile phone to keep the social media world updated on your every move).


Mum or Gran or Daughter Is the Word

Incontinence can affect anyone at any time of your life – it doesn’t just have to be age related. Many pregnant woman experience a kind of incontinence called Stress Incontinence (SI) that comes about when the unborn infant is resting against the bladder which can sometimes cause urine leakage for the mother. Sometimes this will carry on until even after the baby is born and will be a result of weakened pelvic floor muscles, shifted bladder and / or nerve damage. Postpartum mothers will often find that they bleed after child-birth and that this can last up to 6 weeks resulting in having to change pads between 6 and 12 times a day until it stops. The most well-known cause for incontinance is body wear and tear. As you get older the muscles in your body start to lose elasticity and may end up in a loss of bladder control. Your body mass may also have the same effect on your body – The more strain there is on your muscles the weaker they get.



In the western world, one of the biggest problems we face is what brand of product to use. In some parts of the world this is the least of their problems. There are thousands of girls a month that can’t go to school as they can’t afford to buy sanitary towels or even, in some cases, underwear. Time is taken off of school which may cause other problems for them and their relatives due to the fact that they may have paid to go to school (which can be very difficult, or untraditional, for some families to provide for their young women) and they miss out on a key piece of learning from being off school for up to a week. In the countries that can afford disposable menstrual products, there is the underlying issue that there is nowhere to put them. In such places as shanty towns, sometimes there aren’t even toilets or there may only be one for the whole street and these, still, don’t have working plumbing. Many of the used pads in these situations are just disposed of in the gutters and at the side of the street, and as you can probably picture, is very unhygienic and in the heat lets of a potent smell.

What Makes You So Special?

Red Wraps have been designed to be green conscious. They are reuseable so they last longer than other pads. Red Wraps are made to last years so as to save you money as well as the environment. They are made from cloths such as

  • Cotton or  flannel (for a top layer) – This creates a breathable, soft , knickers like feel against your skin
  • Polar fleece / Zorb/ Hemp / Microfibre (Absorbable core fabric) – This makes sure that all liquids are locked in to keep you dry. Do not forget Hemp is organic so it’s a completely natural material.
  • PUL or Synthetic Fleece  (backing layer) PUL is a fabric made from polyester or cotton that is coated with a thin layer of waterproofing. It is good at stopping the pads from moving around in your underwear without the use of  harsh glues and adhesives.

These pads are held in place by buttons or poppers.

The pads and wetbags are extreamly cost effective as they only need to be replaced every few years.

To clean them only takes a few simple steps

  • Rinse with  water and a mild, unscented soap
  • Chuck in the washing machine or continue to wash by hand
  • Leave to dry fully before next use

How Are We Going To Make This Work?

Pads can be purchased individually or as a set. There are 3 different kinds of set.

  • Light Set – This set is designed for light and medium flow days and incontinence
  • Heavy Set- This is designed for medium to heavy days, incontinece and postpartum
  • Mixed Set- This is designed for all situations

Each set contains 6 pads. 6 pads is the ideal amount for the minimum of a day. Most people tend to use 6 a day and wash them at night for use for the next day.

Each complete set comes with a wet bag. Wet bags are used to store used pads until they can be washed. They are made from a waterproof material so as to minimize mess. Wet bags will also be for sale separately.  These can be made with one or two pockets and can be wiped clean then left to air dry.

For every set purchased we will donate a free or  a low-cost set to someone in need anywhere over the world. We intend to network to the places that need them the most to the people who need them the most. This not only includes those with no income, it also reaches out to people on low-income.

How We Will Use The Funds Raised

If we get the backing we need, we will use the money to pay for materials to make the pads and wet bags, packaging and for promotional materials. We will also use some to help us for further networking and exposure or setting up the pop-up locations and events where we will distribute pads to the public. Another thing we intend to do is run workshops to educate customers on the benefits of switching to reuseable towels and even to teach them how to make their own if they are not able to obtain any from our business or if they would like to make some of their own.

What Are The Risks?

There aren’t many risks. The success of this project is reliable on the target market being willing to try something different.

If we do not make our target goal, we will use the money to buy materials to take into different establishments (e.g schools, womans refuges, hospitals) and run workshops on how to save money by making your own pads.


Hey my lovelies,

Once again thank you for following me. I hope that you have been keeping updated on the blog.

I have been MIA lately due to the fact that I have been finalizing my latest project. It has been a real eye opener as I have learned a lot of useful skills such as making an infographic from scratch. My project is a brand of cloth sanitary product aimed at those who experience periods, new mothers and those who suffer from incontinence. My pads are called Red Threads

I would really appreciate the support from my friends here on twitter so if you can check it out that would be great. Even if you can’t back me on it, I would really love for you to share it for me so it can get some more exposure.

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give. Bellow I have provided a copy of my first ever infographic just for you!

Lots of Lovel

Charley xx

eco-wraps 2

Red Threads Eco Wraps


I have just launched my crowdfunding page for reusable sanitary products.

It has been a fun campaign to plan, I even learned how to make an infographic on the benefits of switching from disposable pads and tampons.

You can find my project here: